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From Chairperson's / President's Desk


The destiny of a nation is decided by the quality of education imparted in its educational institutions. Education is the foundation of any progressive society. It is one of the most essential pillars of human development.
Our children represent our hopes and dreams. Our education makes them to realize and explore their potentialities and latent talents. In our pursuit and commitment to excellence, we value the quality of education imparted in our school.
We emphasize on academic excellence, encouraging students to become independent and creative thinkers, confident enlightened learners and responsible citizens.We provide our children opportunities and avenues to channelize their potentials and talents. Above all we make our children good human beings.
We are committed to impart the best education for our children facing the challenges ahead. Keeping in mind our motto "Education to Excel" we provide the outstanding infrastructure and amenities with eco-friendly classrooms and surroundings, creating an effective ambience for learning.

Mrs. Suvra Banerjee


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